Procedure Flow for Reservations and Contracts

This is based on the service contract (organized tour, commissioned package tour, etc.)
Refer to the Terms and Conditions Guide for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a chauffeured limousine and a taxi?

  • As a general rule, taxis cruise the streets. Chauffeured limousines employ a reservation system, and the fee is based on the tour plan. In certain situations, such as sightseeing, using a chauffeured limousine is safer since there is a set fee. Furthermore, with a chauffeured limousine, you can get in and out where you want. (legally stipulated)

  • How many days in advance do I need to make reservations?

  • The standard is six months in advance.

  • How much does it cost?

  • The price is set after discussions about the desired tour plan, but we can provide you with an estimate taking into consideration various factors including distance, length of time, and type of car (which depends on the number of people). The estimate also includes cost of arranging lodgings and meals.

  • Business associates are visiting from overseas, and I would like to let them do some sightseeing by chauffeured limousine and spend the night in Hakone on one of their free days.

  • We can not only assign a driver who is fluent in English but also make reservations for lodgings and meal.

  • What is a motorcade (multiple vehicles)?

  • Each vehicle has a set role and is selected according to the number of passengers.
    Advance car: standard sedan or mini-van
    Guest car: Japanese luxury car or foreign car
    Accompanying car: Jumbo-van, mini bus or large bus
    A driver with extensive experience serves as the team leader.
    We can also arrange lodgings at hotels, etc.
    The fee includes all driving related expenses and the cost of lodgings.

  • I dislike the lack of freedom with packaged tours or similar plans.

  • We create custom tour plans to match the needs of customer.
    It is a completely private tour that includes chauffeured limousine for sightseeing and hotels or traditional Japanese inns in any of various areas, including the greater Tokyo area.

  • Does the driver serve as a sightseeing guide?

  • Although not a professional guide, the driver can answer basic questions.
    You should feel free to ask about such services since we do have drivers who can not only explain the sites from inside the car but also get out of the car and act as sightseeing guides.
    If you would like us to send someone such as a volunteer guide or foreign-language tour guide, you should request one.

  • I would like to go from Tokyo to Hakone, spend the night there, and then head down to Kyoto.

  • We can create a custom plan to match your desired itinerary.
    You should explain what you would like, such as lodging reservations and mode of transportation. Feel free to ask about desired services.
    We can pick you up in Tokyo, take you sightseeing by car in Hakone, and then drop you off at the shinkansen station the following afternoon.
    We can also make various other arrangements, such as the train to and lodgings in Kyoto.

  • I am thinking of going with 5 or more people. Are the vehicles other than sedans?

  • You can select the type of car to match the number of people in your party.
    We have mini-vans that can carry up to 6 people, jumbo-vans with a seating capacity of 9, mini-buses for 13–19 people, and medium and large buses for larger parties.

  • I am visiting Japan from overseas. Do you have staff who speak English?

  • If necessary, we can arrange for an English-speaking guide. (This entails a separate fee.)