Use of
Personal Information

(Purpose of use and provision to third parties)

Tokyo Limousine uses personal information included on reservation forms to contact clients. In addition, Tokyo Limousine provides client information (names, dates of birth, contact details, etc.) to third parties such as transportation and lodging service providers and insurance companies in advance by electronic or other means to the extent necessary to complete procedures necessary for arranging and receiving services requested by the client and provided by third parties (transportation and lodging service providers, etc.) and to the extent necessary to complete insurance procedures so that the company can fulfill its contractual obligations stipulated in the service agreement and guarantee expenses in the case of an accident, etc.

Tokyo Limousine Co. Ltd. (Tokyo TRAVEL)
Shinjuku Office
Travel Agency No. 2-6564 (registered with the governor of Tokyo)
6-27-49 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022