Perfect for various situations including business, sightseeing, weddings, funerals, etc.

Unlike other car services, we handle detailed requests. Feel free to ask about aspects other than the mode of transportation such as itinerary related arrangements, including meals, lodgings, and tour route.

Sightseeing Courses

Examples of using Tokyo TRAVEL’s chauffeured limousine service Three days, two nights (One night in Tokyo, one night at a Hakone hot string)


Example course
Travel to Kamakura & Yugawara Hot Spring, both of which exude a rich plum- blossom fragrance, in a pink Toyota Crown; one night, two days February 15–March 14 (weekdays and weekends)


Example course
Pink-Toyota-Crown Shonan Coast Drive Kamakura, Enoshima, Yokosuka Naval Port cruise (one night, two days)


Example of Business Course

  • Case

  • Business in Tokyo + Pick up and drop off at Narita Airport

  • ご利用時間 9時間

Example Sightseeing Courses

  • Case 1

  • Seasonal Tokyo

  • (around 6.5 hours)

  • ご利用時間 6時間30分
  • Case 2

  • Urban Cruise

  • (around 3 hours)

  • ご利用時間 3時間
  • Case 3

  • School Trip for Grown Ups

  • (around 6.5 hours)

  • ご利用時間 6時間30分
  • Case 4

  • Must-see Sights of Tokyo (1)

  • (around 4 hours)

  • ご利用時間 4時間
  • Case 5

  • Visit to Nagata-cho

  • (around 6 hours)

  • ご利用時間 6時間
  • Case 6

  • Let’s Go Pray

  • (around 4.5 hours)

  • ご利用時間 4時間30分
  • Case 7

  • Must-see Sights of Tokyo (2)

  • (around 7 hours)

  • ご利用時間 4時間
  • Case 8

  • Must-see Sights of Tokyo (3)

  • (around 8 hours)

  • ご利用時間 8時間
  • Case 9

  • Hakone Tour

  • (around 9 hours)

  • ご利用時間 9時間
  • Case 10

  • Nikko Tour

  • (around 9 hours)

  • ご利用時間 9時間


We have a wide range of vehicles such as Japan’s top luxury car the Toyota Century, Lexus, Pink Crown, Toyota Crown “Majesta,” Zero, Nissan Fuga, and Toyota Land Cruiser. In addition, we have a choice of vehicles for different group sizes—the Nissan Elgrand or Toyota Aphard luxury mini-van (6–7 people); Toyota Hiace jumbo van, etc., (9 people); commuter van (13 people); Hino Liesse (19 people); mid-size tour bus (27 people); large tour bus (40 people). (If your desired vehicle cannot carry your party, we can suggest an alternative.)